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AllWorks Services
Experienced in a wide variety of trades for Improvement, Repair and Maintenance of your home or investment properties.

 At AllWorks, I take care to provide my customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. I am available to take your call or Email requests Monday thru Saturday. I am closed on Sundays. After hours and Emergency calls please leave message and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I am here to help!

Note: Investment property owners are welcome to contact me to utilize my services for customers who rent your properties. I have a variety of Handyman services to meet your maintenance needs at an affordable price for you and your clients. Please check out Pastime WoodWorks for additional woodwork installation services to meet your needs.
Please dont hesitate to call for more details 
AllWorks Services is an indoor and outdoor home repair and maintenance service. This is an addition to my finish carpentry services and woodworking products. I created AllWorks Services with the desire to help people from all walks of life because I want to increase others in a positive and uplifting way.

AllWorks was inspired by my elderly parents who are homeowners and are struggling through some illnesses and cannot continue to maintain their home the way they used to. They still wanted to stay in their home so they needed to find someone trustworthy, affordable and easily approachable to maintain their property. My parents were intimidated to call other contractors who claimed, “No Job too Small.” When the jobs they actually needed done were too small for the contractor to even show up for an estimate or give them a call back.        

My parents like many other elderly, disabled or low income families want to stay in their homes and stay independent. They just do not have the health, skills, knowledge or equipment to do minor repairs or maintenance. My parents deserved a service to increase their quality of life at a rate they can afford, and so do you. My parents needed a HandyPerson to provide them with dependable customer service when they need it. They did not want to sign long maintenance contracts when they just needed a few repairs done around the house. Here at Pastime WoodWorks and AllWorks Services I am committed to gaining your trust and satisfaction by setting individual and affordable pricing structures to meet your needs.  

The pricing structure is very easy to understand and plan for. It gives you complete control over how much and in what order you want things done for the first 8 hours. After, the first 8 hours of service you can decide if you want to continue the service by merging into an hourly rate. Prior to my arrival you should create a list of projects you want done and prioritize them, Then call or email me with your list. I will complete as many jobs as I can on the to-do list within the 8 hour fixed rate. If there are any jobs left on the list after the 8 hours you can decide to go into an hourly pay structure to finish the list. If AllWorks finishes the list before the 8 hours you can add to the list until your 8 hours has expired or use the remaining hours at a later scheduled date and time. 
Please make note:  All materials, pickup and delivery costs of materials are extra with some service requests (always negotiable depending on individual circumstances). Since you'll already know the cost of labor it gives you the ability to plan out your list of jobs so you get the best value possible. You have complete control of how much work you want done. If you have any questions call me David at 570-832-0303 or email me using the form below at [email protected] for more details on AllWorks Services.

*AllWorks Services Request Only*
                        ​Services Offered

Many Types of Home Repair and Maintenance  

*Customized Affordable Price Structures*

Rental Property Damage Repair

  • Room to Room Repairs
  • Light Duty Plumbing and Electrical Repairs 
  • Indoor Painting and Staining
  • Yard Maintenance
  • Deck Repair (Wash, Seal, Paint or Stain)
  • And much more!

If you don't see what you are looking for and have       questions concerning any additional services,
Please Call or Email me on the Request Form to  your Left. 
Don't hesitate to contact me. I am eager to help you get the best service solution to meet your needs.
Call or Email: David S. DeVilliers
Phone: 570-832-0303    
Email:  [email protected]
Location: Dingmans Ferry, PA. 18328